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Embrace the Future with Monica Sodhi

Your Life, Reimagined

What can you learn from us?

Limitless Thinking

When you will step outside your limitations and begin to dream, you will be able to see endless manifestations and joys waiting for you.

Holistic Brain Power

Holistic brain power focuses on the perspective that the functioning of the brain results from the working of the entire brain & not any specific part.

Lead Powerfully with New Science of Achievement

With NLP, you can learn to lead powerfully. It will help you modify your mind & life by changing your thinking process according to your team's goals.

Break Habits & Patterned Behavior

It is not easy to change our habits or routine behaviour as they are deeply wired. NLP can help you to slow down & use your awareness to break that behaviour.

Managing Emotions

Emotional self-control is your ability to manage & respond to emotional situations. It is essential to manage emotions as it can lead to impulsive or unresourceful behavior.

Fear Inoculation

Our phobias & fears restrict us from experimenting & living life fully. But with NLP training, you can learn to dissociate yourself from fear.


I am on a mission to impact thousands and thousands of human lives to pursue their dreams despite all challenges and rejections. I pitch in as a catalyst and empower them to revive the warrior within and Light the extraordinary lamp to create shifts and reconstruct the road to reach new heights.

“It is okay to fail, but it’s not okay to stay there,

 It is okay to be rejected, but it’s not okay to Give up,

 For you are a warrior, and failure is not an option.”

- Monica Sodhi

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What do people have to say about us?


I have seen major changes in me through this very helpful RISE N SHINE course. The simple NLP exercises and methods really helped me in overcoming the fears and the insecurities I  had. It made me believe in myself more and helped me look into the positive aspect of every situation.  This course helps in deep guided introspection.  I can't be more thankful to my guide Mrs. Monica Sodhi for helping me and guiding me to evolve through this process of self realization and self actualization.  This course really helped me to get clearer idea of what I want in life and how I will be able to achieve it. This is a life changing process.

Tanvi Tyagi
Bikaner, Rajasthan

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