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Crossing the River

New Heights

Find New Heights with Monica Sodhi

Have setbacks and Rejections become your biggest speed breakers?

The Journey to Success begins with failures!!

How do you face adversities in life?

Do you Carry on - despite all the adverse situations?

Do you Aim for the peaks while you are still in the valleys??

The choice is to roll up the sleeves to fight or be a mere spectator.

Image by Rob Wicks

How do you respond to such situations?
Do you face your setbacks bravely and bounce back or fall to pieces?

This mastermind; New Heights  will help you to sail through the challenges and setbacks en route to your dream destination by overcoming adverse conditions and by bringing shifts in mind and action


Fight back with all you have. Draw your strength from your inner self which says-“I   am responsible for my future”.. It is okay to rest along the journey and enjoy the valleys but this is also the time to look up to the peaks. And to prepare to move forward!!

You are not stuck unless you choose to be.

Yes!! this is the time to lift your head and look at the darkness that surrounds you and ask yourself –

Image by GR Stocks

Should I fight or crumble?
The answer is-- to fight,
because failure is not an option:
You are a warrior!!

What You Will Learn Along The Journey,

You will identify the force that drives you towards your destination & learn to power up that force by strengthening and reframing the belief system.

You will view your decisions in life as your choices and not as sacrifices.

You will embrace your failures and disappointments as learning opportunities and no longer view them as setbacks.

Appreciate your worth and learn that the moon and the sunshine are at their own times.

You will also appreciate the power of possibilities.

Emerge as a confident person to meet any eventuality in life.

 Mastermind Outcomes:

Paradigm shift from “I Can’t to I Can”

Overcome any Adversity with calmness and fortitude.

Offload the baggage and cross barriers.

Get clarity in your vision.

SET clear goals and outcomes.

Mind set of an achiever.

How it Works

An 12-week Action Driven Programme .

Leverage age-old combined wisdom of the group.

Innovative strategies for Quantum Jump.

Focus on synergy & power of association.

Brainstorming sessions.

A powerful support group.

Working Together on Project_edited_edited.jpg
Woman by the Water

Every day may not be perfect in life.

But some people support you to feel great and put your best foot forward.

Get in Touch

Come On!!

Kites fly against the winds.

Reject the Rejections,

Convert Setbacks to Step-Ups.

Explore possibilities,

& Reach New Heights.

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