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Discover Monica Sodhi's New Book

The book “Warrior Revived” is an inspiration to pursue one's
dreams, despite failures and rejections.
One is at war constantly, whether it's circumstances, limitations
or with pain points. The book offers a combination of unique
techniques to choose empowering responses to events and to
reframe identity. Through the life story of Jacob, a doctor by
profession you are introduced to simple yet powerful practices
for new confidence, new beginnings and clarity for scaling new
heights. The book offers latest, well researched toolkit to tighten
up the loose ends to cross the barriers; face challenges; and fight
to the finish.
Rejected the Rejections,
Dare to Dreams Again,
Reach new heights.
Happy Reading!!
Monica Sodhi.


The Warrior Revived

Journey to dream destination is full of challenges, setbacks and failures; Rejections are common. The road to stars is bumpy, sometimes it is too windy and sometimes inevitable happens. This is the time when negativity creeps in and if it stays for too long it could imbalance the life.


How will the book help you?

You as a warrior will never allow that to happen. So the challenge is to move forward by bringing shifts in mindsets, recarpeting the road, reinventing strategies, exploring world of possibilities.
Most people would stop but not you for you are the warrior revived to carry on.
Failure is not an option.

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