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Brain & Firepower

Have you ever thought about why some people can paint beautifully but have difficulty in adding two & two? Or some students are excellent at calculus but have difficulty in writing an essay?

Want to know the reason behind it? If yes, then read out the following blog.

Every child has different interests and learning styles. Some are more inclined towards workbooks, theories and like to work independently. While, some children like discussions, projects and are dependent on their parents to complete their daily tasks.

It is because they are either left-brain dominant or right-brain dominant. The brain, the most complex part of the body, is our remote control. It controls thoughts, memories, emotions, motor skills, vision, etc. It is divided into two similar-looking parts but has day & night-like contrasting functionality.

The left-brain dominant people are more analytical, methodical, and logical. And right-brain dominant people think creatively, innovatively & are spontaneous. Although, there is no scientific proves that the brain favors one side. In fact, the two halves depend on each other to take care of the whole functioning of the body.

Nevertheless, there are certain areas that our brain specializes in, which differ for every individual, which makes them either left-brain or right-brain dominant.

Few characteristics of left-brain dominant people are:

  1. Like to work according to schedule.

  2. They are critical and quick learners.

  3. Expert in arithmetic and science

  4. They prefer being rational to spontaneous.

  5. They are good at retaining information, dates, etc.

  6. They are organized and self-paced.

  7. They prefer to make notes, charts, workbooks in an orderly fashion.

  8. They are auditory learners, i.e., learn by listening.

  9. They don’t easily open up emotionally.

Since most schools and institutions promote a left-brain teaching curriculum, right-brain dominant children often feel left out & ignored at places due to their struggle to catch upon understanding, learning, remembering information.

However, parents, teachers, and students should remember that in between the race to get upfront in academics, being innovative and artistic is equally essential for the overall growth of a child. Here are few reasons to be actively creative:

  • Doing something creative like painting, doing puzzles, cooking, baking, etc., will take your mind off the problem and keep your brain moving.

  • Creativity makes you a better problem solver as it makes you look at situations from different angles and opens your mind to multiple solutions.

  • Being artistically active releases stress, and tension which keeps you motivated and gives you a new surge of confidence to overcome challenges.

Hence, along with practicing to be logically & objectively correct, sharpen your creative skills as well.

Your brain gets active input from both sides, whether you are solving a chemical equation or writing a story. However, you can choose to play to your strengths along with working on your weaknesses to broader your horizon and be objectively & artistically perfect.

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