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Experiential HR

Human Resources are a crucial part of any organization. They work on developing, retaining, and reinforcing the culture in an organization. To successfully & efficiently cover multiple business cultures, HR needs to have good leadership skills & knowledge of business behavior.

Want to increase your knowledge to deal with people and business behavior? If yes, then check out the article below.

We have always heard that experience makes us learn better. But there are fewer opportunities that provide experiential learning, which is a suitable method to learn leadership skills.

Experiential learning is a type of learning that involves active participation and learning through experience. An essential aspect of experiential learning is later reflecting on what has been learned or experienced.

Experiential HR is an active coaching program that helps to train business executives & managers by encouraging, supporting, and giving them feedback to increase their capabilities.

In this workshop, you will learn the skills essential to be a confident HR professional. It includes:

  • Building Powerful Perspectives

Our ability to perceive a problem influences our capabilities, and powerful perception can help to improve them.

  • Powerful Techniques for taking Interviews

Conducting an effective interview is an integral part of HR’s work to have the best employees for their organization.

  • Conflict Resolution

For the smooth running of an organization, HR needs conflict resolution techniques to find a peaceful resolution to disagreements.

  • Performance appraisal – Dos & Don’ts

Managers should handle performance appraisals with care as employee’s expectations are at stake.

  • Manage Stress, Manage Life

Preventing HR professionals from getting stressed will benefit the companies finance & human resources.

  • Responding comfortably to Criticism

Being open to Criticism will make you a better team player as other members will feel that their opinion matters.

  • Collaborate & Bond

Working in collaboration & team leads everyone towards an aligned purpose, and therefore attaining higher growth rate.

  • Coaching & Counselling Skills

Coaching & counseling your staff will make them feel that you care about them, which will increase their loyalty to you.

  • Stay Resourceful

As an HR professional, it is crucial to have the ability to find quick solutions to difficulties in the organization.

The Experiential HR course will help you learn or brush up on the above skills leading to getting you into action as an efficient & effective HR professional.

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