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When Your Dreams Have Failed

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

When your dreams have failed you…,

Dream Again…,

When you are beaten…,

Dream Again…,

Failure cannot break your heart.

Life is a game. So, play your part…,

Dare to make another start.

Dream Again.

This is life. Full of storms and uncertainties, shattering all dreams.

The punch line is to prepare for facing the storm and learn the science and art of dealing with the crisis because they often come unannounced. However, most of us do not prepare for the winds of change.

How rightly Norman Schwarzkopf had cautioned us that,

“The more you sweat in peace,

the less you bleed in war”.

Winston Churchill's famous wartime speech, while addressing the British nation for facing endless sacrifices and trials had said,

“You ask what our aim is.

I can answer in one word: it is victory” ……

“…Victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival…”

The above sentiments give us a deep insight into a winner's mindset, a mindset to rise and shine; a mindset to overcome all obstacles.

So, life is a battle. My life has been full of challenges. I felt uprooted and had to begin many times again. During these times, a part of me yearned for comfort and familiarity. And I wanted to run back to the past, convincing myself of the worst future. Thankfully, this has been a transitory phase for I pulled myself with outcome in mind, to tread again on to the path for the journey ahead. However, during the journey, I have learned two lessons from the failures---

One-- that I am on the wrong path, and I need to redirect myself.

Two-Recarpet the road and move on, in pursuit of the dreams.

I have realized that growth and progress require a great deal of determination and sometimes an unpleasant effort to take it forward. The Journey of life at times can be full of resistance and multiple setbacks. The choice is to roll up the sleeves to fight or be a mere spectator and shrink back with fear.

How do you respond to such situations? Do you face your setbacks bravely and bounce back or fall to pieces?

Do you give up easily?

We all fail and failures have lessons for us; and within the lessons lies the secret of success!! Oh My God!!

How many of us use them for transforming failures into success?

It is for this reason that Talent and Intelligence do not guarantee success unless they are supported by the Pillars of life skills like Persistence, Courage, and self-belief.

Talent and Intelligence do not guarantee success unless they are supported by the Pillars of life skills like Persistence, Courage, and self-belief.

It is a skill to convert your obstacles into opportunities. It is a skill to learn from the failures and rejections, and despite them pursue challenging assignments.

Fight back with all you have. Draw your strength from your inner self which says- “I am responsible for my future”. It is okay to rest along the journey and enjoy the valleys but this is also the time to look up to the peaks and sharpen the skills to move forward.

Getting Stuck and Unstuck Is a Matter of Choice!!

Yes!! this is the time to lift your head and look at the darkness that surrounds you and ask yourself –

Should I fight or crumble? The answer is - to fight, because failure is not an option: You are a warrior!!

The toughest battles you face will be with yourself, and your response to the storms within. We are tested in our darkest moments.

Do you want to learn the skills of fighting the battle of life?

Do you have a winning strategy?

Do you want to sharpen the weapons to fight the war for your dreams?

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