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Sharpen Creative and Decision-Making Powers

Convergent and divergent thinking are opposite to each other but work best in conjunction to find a solution to any problem, whether you are looking for new ideas for business, career, health, etc.

Whenever you are brainstorming for ideas to solve a problem, multiple suggestions are thrown, some feasible & some unfeasible. The unfeasible ideas are the result of divergent thinking, which helps to think spontaneously or out of the box.

Divergent thinking is the process that explores thousands of solutions that open the mind to different angles to generate creative ideas. It gives us multiple options to pick.

Once you have a list of ideas, you can pick the most feasible one through convergent thinking. It focuses on finding concrete solutions through logic and accuracy. Convergent thinking generates finite ideas and also considers previously tried methods & approaches to solving a problem.

A good mix of convergent & divergent thinking will help to take a creative & critical decision.

Along with conjunctive convergent & divergent thinking, a healthy brain is crucial to solving problems. Good memory, health, concentration, etc., is necessary at every point of life. Hence, it is essential to take care of mental fitness for people of every age group.

Brain Gym is a program under Education Kinesiology exercises to enhance the functioning of both halves of the brain to improve academic and creative performance.

Many schools & institutes are opting for Brain Gym exercises to boost brain functioning and enhance mental health. These are conducted through neurological repatterning to start whole-brain learning.

It is a set of simple exercises that work on integrating the performance of both parts of the brain. Brain Gym was initially designed to sharpen a kid’s brain, but many pieces of research have proved that it is effective for adults also. Few exercises under Brain Gym program are:

  1. Hook-ups help deal with stress, tension, anxiety, etc., in kids & adults by calming the mind & body.

  2. Cross crawls help to integrate the working of the left and right half of the brain.

  3. Brain Buttons improve focus, concentration and help to deal with laziness and inactive behavior.

  4. Thinking Cap helps to polish up the vision and hearing power.

  5. Gravitational Glider strengthens leg muscles and boosts the oxygen & blood flow in the body.

  6. Active Arm help to build the upper body and refine the coordination between hands and eyes.

Along with Brain Gym, there are various other scientifically-proven activities you can try to sharpen your brain. It includes:

  • Jigsaw puzzles

  • Meditation

  • Learn or teach new skills

  • Read to build vocabulary

  • Dance, sing, or listen to music, etc.

Start to take care of your brain health by challenging your brain to try new things, incorporating the above exercises in your routine to sharpen your memory, cognitive skills and enhance creativity.

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