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They Aspire… believe… And have no limits….

Have you ever wondered, what is it that makes a person start running at age 80 and become a marathon star at age 100?

It was a strong belief in his capabilities that made Fauja Singh a brand ambassador for sports equipment at age 100.

The list is endless. Hulda Crooks was backed by a similar powerful belief system. And she became the oldest woman in the 90s to climb Mount Fuji.

She began mountaineering at age 70. When most of us are busy packing the baggage of life.

How aptly Swami Vivekanand once remarked, “that the greatness was achieved largely due to the consciousness of achieving greatness”.

Arunima Sinha, who lost her leg and yet dreamed of climbing Mount Everest was too backed by a powerful conviction— “yes I can do it”. And she said when she reached the top of Everest, she said that she has climbed Everest more by her mind than her legs. This is the power of beliefs. It can create or destroy.

All of us like to travel in top gear, but how and when to move to the next level is a matter of skill that can be learned.

During my course of the journey, by application of certain tools I have seen less confident persons beaming with a can-do attitude. I've also experienced diminishing, fears.

Every rock has a great statue hidden in it. But to bring out the statue and to convert it to an object of reverence is an art.

That art can be learned.

We all read inspirational books attend motivational seminars. But how many of us have action plans? Each one of us can become a better version of ourselves by choosing meticulously the tools and techniques and by following a certain path.

How many of us understand that goals are set by our conscious mind and achieved by the subconscious mind? Subconscious Mind controls 90% of action and is working 24 x7. Activating and tapping the power of the subconscious is a skill that can be mastered.

Roger Bannister shattered all scientific notions that the human body could not withstand running a mile in under four minutes. It is said that at this speed the lungs would collapse and the human body cannot withstand that stress. However, the power of belief and limitless thinking made Roger Bannister break the four-minute barrier. And this happened on the 6th of May 1954 at the Oxford.

Interestingly, post this incident many sportspeople broke this barrier.

Flying High, travelling in Top Life gear is a choice, backed by a powerful belief system.

Haven’t you experienced that people who follow their dreams and their heart reach much higher, defying all logic of science? This does not mean that they do not experience setbacks. They wither the storms and fly much higher, recarpet their path, because of the belief system.

They have no limits. Would you like to live a life without limits and reach new heights?

Belief is a learned behaviour. One can consciously and unconsciously alter one's belief system through various tested and tried tools.

Real-life heroes like Mother Teresa, Helen Keller, and other legends achieved stardom, despite their limitations because they worked on time and tested strategies to empower their belief system.

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