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Building Bridges

We meet new people every day through work, social media, etc. Some stay with us for a short period and some for a lifetime. This process of building networks and connections is relationship building.

Relationship building makes us learn a lot more than communication and expanding our network. Want to know how relationship building impacts your life? If yes, then read out the following blog.

As social creatures, we need good relationships to have a smooth sailing life personally & professionally. We cannot have it in a day or two. It takes years to build trust and respect in a relationship through open communication, self-awareness, inclusion, etc.

Having genuine and authentic relationships is very important in life. Personal connections reflect the caring and concerning perspective, which helps us to have good relations in every aspect of life. Meaningful relationships provide satisfaction and also increase productivity & efficiency.

How to build relationships?

  • Networking

Networking means meeting new people either physically or digitally, developing connections, and engaging with them. Being in regular touch with your contacts boosts your social skills and strengthens relationships.

  • Leadership

As a leader, it is essential to have good relations with the people who follow you. If you won’t consider your team members' opinions or value the people, you will not be able to develop mutual trust & commitment to work as a team.

  • Influencing

Influencing means the capacity to change other’s behavior, opinion, etc., towards your ideas, strategies, values, etc. A person can develop influencing skills by learning how to communicate dynamically and understanding how to own the conversation.

  • Public relations

Public relations are not limited to the stakeholders of a company. It is a wide term that includes every person on whom the success & failure of an organization depends, for example, journalists, government, influencers, investors, creditors, etc.

How to maintain a strong relationship?

Building strong relationships is a crucial task; however, maintaining or sustaining these relationships is like balancing on the tip of the iceberg.

Below are some tips you can follow to sustain a good relationship.

  • Communicate

Communicating with your co-workers, partner, friends, etc., can help you with half of your problems. But remember that it includes active listening as much as talking. Hence, always listen & consider other’s points before responding.

  • Be supportive

Being a supportive team member, partner, friend, etc., helps to build & sustain good relations. Supporting your fellow teammates, complementing their achievements rather than pointing their failures will also help to gain respect and establish a mutual support system.

  • Avoid gossip

Gossiping can create misunderstandings and ruin relationships. If you hear any gossip, don’t participate in it or steer the topic. Also, if you have any problem in the team or group, try to have a direct & polite conversation to clear out the situation.

  • Be trustworthy

Trust is an integral part of any relationship. If you don’t trust your team, friends, or vice versa, your relationship will not be transparent and can create confusion. Hence, build trust by being supportive & consistent with people around you.

Nurture positive and meaningful relationships in your life to avoid friction and have a close-knit group which supports & motivates you.

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